Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of july 2011

i have many fond memories of the 4th of july as a child, and one of them includes the riverton parade.
this year, we opted out of that (along with other family celebrations -boo!) to try to get a glimpse of the celebrations taking place here in the birthplace of independence, philadelphia. we started our day off with a walk to penns landing -a nice hike! here, the boys stopped for a rest along the piers:

down at penns landing (where said parade was scheduled to end and an all you can eat ice cream event was supposed to be happening) we took advantage of a ben franklin sign, enjoyed lunch while waiting for the [late] parade and watched boats as they passed by:

then, we finally heard the drums from the parade. we made our way down to it and here is some of the rest of our day.........

the liberty bell:

a family shot. the white blur would be me! it's sad when you + white shirt = a white blur. also, a kind man "forced" this picture on us. it isn't complete as soph is in stroller not even facing the camera, but she was due to eat and you never waking a sleeping baby, right?!? hindsight, i should have atleast turned her around!

there were bands and dancers of many kinds:

baton twirlers:

cyclist (i have never seen a person ride a bike with 3 stacked wheels), who apparently rode the whole time!!! they got to dismount in front of us (as we were near the end) and o was terribly concerned that they all "fell off".

there were different modes of transportation, including a 10 man bike:

cars (some classics and some patriotic):

& of course there were fire engines:

"rescue heros" and their different modes of transportation:

and several different characters......

the mayor:

the peace corp:

betsy ross:

thomas jefferson:

the random church group that stuck their "girls" up into the air and marched it like they've never marched before:

miss america and every other "miss" something there is (ie: miss teen, miss pa, miss nj):

scruff mcgruff (sorry eagle, i don't know you!!):
*side note, i totally sung his address from the comercial when we were kids b/c that's how i remembered it to get the 'magazine'. for the record, i still remember it!

smokey the bear:

the eagles guy:

insane boys:

and what country celebration isn't complete without darth and the other star wars characters?!?

to cool off from the hot morning, we grabbed water ice on the way home (as the ice cream even wasn't opened earlier and by this point the boys were done). the boys all took the train home and us girls hiked it back to the car. we swam later (after naps), and went to a cook out in the neighborhood. (we did fireworks sat night down at penn treaty)

overall, we had fun!
we definately learned some tips for next year & it was hard to be away from fam. the riverton parade def wins over the philly one (not to mention the company and family party afterwards). it's a little weird to think we only have one more 4th of july before we leave for rwanda! wonder how we'll celebrate then.......

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