Thursday, July 28, 2011

my recipe book

one of the things i've been working on is getting ALL my favorite recipes into one book. considering i won't be taking several big cookbooks with me to rwanda.
i used my christmas monies last year to purchase this book,
which leaves a lot of room for adding more as i learn new recipes!
i LOVE the colors!!!

here is the cover with the front of the index card on it:
great organizer tabs on side:
pocket sleves to keep index cards clean:
the back of index card (and the inside pattern):
have any recipes you think i need?
i'd LOVE to add them to my book!!!

puppy love

i see a veterinarian in our future!

how do your kids play trains?

should i be worried that mine use them as high heels?!?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

out of the mouths of babes 7/27

*upon hearing feet running in the kids room for several minutes after bed time, i went upstairs to investigate. usually it's a...this time was o. i asked him why he got out of bed and he could only reply "i dunno!". i explained that if he didn't have a reason, i'd have to discipline him and he immediately burst into tears and said, "ok, okay! i have a reason!" i reply, "why were you out of bed?" and he said "b/c i didn't obey!". he did give a reason.....

*i overheard o say to lucy, "stop following me lucy, i can't ALWAYS play with you, i've got jobs to do!" apparently his "jobs" involve following me, as he then cuddled right into a space next to me consisting of about 2 inches! ->i can't imagine where he learned to ask for space this way....

*aidens latest & greatest...."ugh, i fell down!" as he slams himself into the floor

*"what's this?" has finally opened its own can [of worms] on our household with aiden asking about everything -even what he already knows! he's making tremendous strides in speech!!

*lastly, amazing amounts of coos abrupting from our little miss!

wordless wednesdays - 7/27/11

Thursday, July 14, 2011

thankful thursdays 7/14/11

i am thankful for a 'garden' that makes my yard pretty,
but doesn't take any work from me!
that means i can't possibly kill it!!!
it also 'disappears' in the day time
so as to NOT attract bees!
could it get any better?!?

thank you god for having a HUGE variety & beauty in this world,
even in the morning glory weeds!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sticker charts, who knew?!?

who would have ever thought that sticker charts would do a trick?
okay, i guess many people, hence their popularity!
but i mean for US?
we've recently started sticker charts.
the objective is to encourage good choices,
mainly from a, but o also gets to play along
(his stickers are just harder to earn)!

here you see each of the boys with their full charts.
5 stickers gets a prize:

*i promise, a is more excited than was captured on camera!

here the boys get to look through a prize bag.
they won't always get to pick from here,
but for getting them used to the idea we started with it!

they both picked a bug that was supposed to walk on the wall:

unfortunately, the $ store isn't always a win...
the bugs didn't work!
we let them pick again.
both boys picked a new toothbrush!

photoshoot fun

had some photoshoot fun this week!!!

here are my fav. shots of each child...

do you know how hard it was to pick just one of each?!?

what's there NOT to smile about...

when you've got pretty pink toes?!?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"winning" one!!!

so, i've been told several times lately that one of my children is FINALLY starting to look like me!
since he was born, owen has been an exact replica of joe, a mini joe in fact! much of his personality is from me though. i still don't know what i think about him starting to look like me.

here are a few shots and then we'll let the jury decide....

kisses for him ->

smiles ->

silly faces ->

and sleepy faces* ->

*this one is inspired by joe. last week, owen didn't take a nap one day - just didn't fall asleep! not sure why. then he was very whiney the rest of the day (you know how it goes)! at one point joe said to him -and i quote,
"you got your moms genes in every way - from being SUPER SENSITIVE to everything when you don't sleep, to perfectly folding your towel over your carseat without anyone ever showing/telling you how!"

not too sure how to take that, but it does build defense for the "winning one" to my team!!!

'beads of hope' part 2

this is a picture of me in my beads...
(insert my 'smitten w/ beads' face)
i have an extra long one,
so i like to wrap it!

up close for details
*disclaimer, these are NOT for sale!!!*

some shots of the beautiful necklaces & bracelets,
various colors & lengths!!!
*the following ARE for sale!!!*

there are earrings too
(again, various colors, shapes & sizes)!!!

remember, the beads are made of recycled paper.
all proceeds go to the women from the 'beads of hope' group & their families
(living in poverty in rwanda)

(click here for a little more detail)

to order/inquire, please contact me at

Friday, July 8, 2011

beads of hope

there is a group of women in rwanda we call 'beads of hope' that is learning even as you read this! it is a group of women who have walked paths many of us never have to face. hardships of war, poverty, former prostitution & even health issues to name a few.

they're learning a trait (bead making) and learning about a god who loves them UNCONDITIONALLY! they make necklaces & bracelets out of recycled paper that are stunning if i say so myself!

it is a group i hope to be involved with at some capacity someday! i currently have a box of jewlery to sell [for them] if you are interested! prices range from $15- $25 and all proceeds go to these women and their families...

think birthdays, celebrations, 'just because' gifts, holidays & even think of YOURSELF!!!

i only own one for now, but with this temptation, i may be owning a few more really soon!!!!!

*update, for more pix of the beads, please click here!!*

to order/inquire, please contact me at

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

fathers day 2011

this year, for fathers day, we were pleased to have our newest addition!!!

in his honor, she wore an outfit that says "daddy's favorite!"

the boys were SUPER EXCITED to wear their "daddy's best buddy" shirts
(that we bartered for last summer @ the shore).

joe was away in georgia for school the week before,
so fathers day was our FIRST DAY as a complete family of 5
(on our own)!
it started with our tradition of giving daddy a shirt,
then mommy even cooked a special breakfast
(cinn raisen french toast),
we went to church (joe preached),
took naps (one of joes favorite things),
we went to dinner at famous dave's (daddy's choice)
where you can see we got to "rock climb"...

the boys even went fishing after dinner
and o caught his first fish!!
it was a catfish (just like his mommy's first catch),
and had to be atleast 8" long!
if you thought o liked fishing before.....

we LOVE daddy, and we LOVED celebrating him this year!!!!!