Thursday, June 9, 2011

LOVE it!!!

there have been a couple of really cute sayings in the last couple wks and i want to write them down before i forget (or loose the little paper they're jotted down on)...

owen, after running (and assuming his brother was racing him),

"i just won the piston cup of running! i'm like a cheetah!!"
owen, sitting next to me as i'm feeding sophia,

"mommy, you sure have to drink a lot of milk to feed her!"
me responding with a little chuckle,

"well, i sure have to drink a lot of water!"
"oh! why?"
"to stay healthy so soph can stay healthy"

after a moment of processing he responds,

"so god turns the water into milk?!?"

aiden, practically everytime he looks at sophia,

"she's so cute! can i hold it?"

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