Sunday, June 26, 2011

an "out of africa" experience

imagine walking into a grocery store and having a complete stranger pick up your child and fuss over her/him. this is a type of story i heard happened to some missionary friends while they were living in africa, only in their circumstance, the person also walked away for a while [w/ the child] - a typical scenario!! an absolutely okay situation in that culture!!

this terrified[s] me! this is everything contrary to what we know and learn here in the usa! in fact, if this were to happen, we'd most likely call the cops on them and do everything in our strength to get the child back into our arms, right?!?

this is one of the stories i hear that puts fear into my heart about moving to another culture, thinking "will i be able to accept all their customs/traditions"? this is one that made me say out loud to joe, "i don't want to have a baby in africa!" and "i don't think i'd handle that one well!".

last week, i was walking to my car from the store. i happened to be holding sophia as she was fussy and wanting to eat, which left me pushing the stroller which was then filled with the things i had purchased. many people stop me with her to look - many more than with the boys!! an older couple, not originally from the us, stopped me and asked how old she was. i replied her age and turned her a little so as to give them a better glimpse of my doll! the man translated her age to the woman and before i knew the woman took her from my arms. now, i want it to be clear that i felt no fear or i would have acted sooo quick!!! actually, soph took care of it by letting out one loud wail and the woman passed her right back!! i chatted with them for a little and found out they were newly arrived to the states. the woman reminisced [through her translating husband] of how fondly she remembered the times holding her dear grand babies and talked about how much she missed them.

all this to say, it made me chuckle that one of the "i can't handle's" about moving to africa, quickly got erased from my list, here, in the states!!!!!!

i can't help but think it was all to help PREP ME FOR AFRICA!!! and i can't help but pray that god doesn't try to teach me about ALL of my fears, like coming face to face with a wild animal (ie : gorilla, lion, hippo) or like having wild poisonous snakes in my house......

maybe i should stop making a list!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

paid to have a baby?!?

a surprise check came in the mail for me this week...a check FROM my hospital!!! i can't help but feel like we've been paid to have a baby. granted, the fee was very low, and she [soph] is worth far more than what was given...
haha! the real story was that my original insurance had a co-pay. i paid it my first visit and somewhere in the middle of the pregnancy we had to switch insurances. the new insurance covered everything maternity. i guess this is just a "reimbursement" for that original co-pay, but it still feels like i've won in this situation!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

LOVE it!!!

there have been a couple of really cute sayings in the last couple wks and i want to write them down before i forget (or loose the little paper they're jotted down on)...

owen, after running (and assuming his brother was racing him),

"i just won the piston cup of running! i'm like a cheetah!!"
owen, sitting next to me as i'm feeding sophia,

"mommy, you sure have to drink a lot of milk to feed her!"
me responding with a little chuckle,

"well, i sure have to drink a lot of water!"
"oh! why?"
"to stay healthy so soph can stay healthy"

after a moment of processing he responds,

"so god turns the water into milk?!?"

aiden, practically everytime he looks at sophia,

"she's so cute! can i hold it?"

Saturday, June 4, 2011

joe's june update

every once in a while, i try to include joe's updates on this blog...that is, if i remember! here is the latest - june 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

thankful thursdays 6/2/11

i'm thankful for LIFE --
new & spared , young & old!!!