Thursday, May 19, 2011

thankful thursdays 5/19/11

since it's been a few weeks, i've decided to post a couple things i'm thankful for into one week. maybe i'll get better at these thankful thursday postings once baby is here (ha!)...

last week we got to go to a playful place called jelly bean jungle with our good friends, the uttkes. this was prob the last outing we can all squeeze into one car b/c of sophia coming! i was thankful to spend the time with them and thankful that the kids behaved pretty well!! here we are all squeezed into "beauty", our minivan!

a couple weeks ago, i went out with my momma while joe stayed home with the boys. when we got home there was this fantastic rainbow!! who doesn't like rainbows, right?!? i am esp thankful for rainbows in the city, often bringing much needed beauty to an all too often not so pretty place!!

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