Wednesday, May 18, 2011

quilting tells a is sophias!

what an awfully hard day yesterday was for me!
i was super emotional [ie: stressed]
about upcoming baby stuff
-crying about things from "i'm a bad mom b/c of not caring for the boys while in hosp"
to "i tried to sanitize our only cups and they melted",
"will i be able to nurse?!", etc.

the dog was hype,
the cat was frisky (and letting the whole neighborhood know it),
the boys were disobedient,

then, finally, prayer came!
i enjoy prayer lots,
but tonight was extra special!
i pray with one of the craftiest people i know
well, she surprised me with a beautiful quilt for little miss sophia.
i am in awe!

she called it a "sampler" quilt,
and even made it from scraps she already had...
how does something so beautiful come from "scraps"?!?

she specifically picked each square,
and i'll label them so you can understand why.
what thought and love was poured into this project!!!

here is the whole shot:

and now in close ups:

butterfly--- hopscotch --- patience corner

corn and beans (for africa) --- baby blocks--- crown of thorns

morning star--- pinwheel --- dove in the window

hosanna!--- philadelphia pavement --- peonies

this is the simple and sweet backing:

i love that it has a square to represent where we're going,
and one for where we come from...
it shows who we are (the christian heritage),
and represents the sweet simplicities of a baby!!!

this to me is what a quilt is,
(tells people who you are or where you come from
-it tells your story)
and I LOVE IT!!!
it's almost like stitching her name into the blanket,
only with pictures instead of letters.

(*sadly, i no longer like the one i made for her, and don't know if i can ever quilt again knowing that i will never be able to produce something like this...
either that, or i still have so much to learn!!!!)

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