Sunday, May 15, 2011

out of the mouths of babes 5/15/11

oh, it's been TOO long since i've written one of these posts! the worst part, i haven't written many things down either...
here are some tidbits from the past [insert however long it's been]!

  • "we haven't seen that in years!" or "we haven't done that in years!" (as if he has all these years to spare having not seen/done something!!)
  • seeing an image of lego batman, he assured me one of the men was "toothpaste". surprised 1) that there was such a man and 2) that he knew him, i said okay and went on with life....the next day when i really looked at the man, i realized it was actually two-face
  • always singing a song "i wish you could be my friend!" we have no clue where it is from. i thought it was the veggie tales song, "i can be your friend", but he quickly informed me that was NOT what he was singing!
  • this might be my personal fav, but he is always saying "i love you soooo much!"
  • "cack-pack" for backpack ->there aren't too many of these types of slips anymore as he is getting "so old", so it's super fun when there is one! :)
  • "mommy, am i sooo handsome?" obviously he has one of his daddy's love languages of need of affirmation!!!!
  • "no kidding!"

  • shaking his finger at my belly as if to correct it, he in his most stern voice said, "come out fi-fa!" don't know where he heard that before...
  • filled with curiosity! consistently asking, "what's this?" even when he already knows what 'this' is
  • always looking for the easy way, now he stands at stairs with his hands in the air and says "ride!" -with hopes to hitch one up/down.
  • loves to boss people around!! "come here!", "do____ !", "BAAAAD LUCY!", etc.
  • typically 2 with his "no's" to everything! the best is when you actually see him think through what he was just asked and responded no to, but then realizes he wants to say yes! (ie: do you want a snack?)
  • says "dood mornin!" after each sleep (nap or night), usually with a pat on the back as he snuggles in!
  • the ever infamous mommy chant......."mommy?"... "what?"..."mommy?"..."what buddy?"..."mommmmy!"..."aiden, i've said what! what do you need?"..."MOMMY!" get the idea (notice i'm stopping before we get to my ugly exasperated response!!)
  • always with the hands on the hips when "commanding" you what to do

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