Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the LITERAL hole in the wall

so we had this soft spot on our wall that a few mos ago was "hit" by a visitor and cracked. it was an eye soar for sure!! the other day, the kitten decided she would use it as a new toy, and she did! the wall crumbled leaving a hole in its place...

joe laughed at me and basically said the cat cant make a hole in the wall. i tried to tell him i didn't understand either, but i KNOW the dog, kids and i didn't do it.

as if i don't have enough to do, right?!?

so i find some plaster repair in the basement and much to my surprise, it's still good. i get right to work! it's a thick section, so i know it has to go on in layers, and each time i put on a new layer, the cat tries to remove it. now, not only am i attempting to repair the wall, i have to chase and keep kitty away from it and clean up putty paw marks on the carpet, all while explaining to 2 littles why they can't touch it and child gate-ing to keep the pup away! here is the proof of little claw mark in the fresh layer of putty.....

so, the moral of the story is, cats CAN attack and make holes in the wall!! oh, and if you enter my house and see a half finished project, just be thankful there are no more claw marks in it!!!

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