Monday, May 23, 2011

a letter to "the brothers":

i got it into my head that i really wanted to do something for the boys "from sophia"! i thought it would mean a lot to them and i also thought it may help any transitions needed to not stir up some jealousy! we found kites for a buck at walmart and bought each boy one (owen got batman and aiden got cars). the day before, i decided to write a little letter for joe to read to them, this is what i came up with :
from the beginning, i tried to talk their language! they always say "good morning" to someone when they see them. it's their official greeting no matter what time of day it is. i made it clear that she was aware of them while growing. all i could do was imagine owens face as it was being read!!
well, in the end joe forgot the note anyway, but tried to sum it up for them. i guess it was the thought that counted. they weren't old enough to know the difference anyway! still wanted to document it to remember though!

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