Saturday, May 14, 2011

just when you think you've got it figured out...

i wish that i had taken some pictures for proof...but that's not the case.

i have spent the last 3 mos or so attempting to puppy proof our house! i have never seen wrath of a dog like this one! she started out really good. we didn't have to kennel her up, she only chewed her toys, she ate her food....

one day, we were leaving for quite a while. i had that "feeling" in my gut and i asked joe, "do you think she'll still be okay?" maybe she knew my lack of trust. we got back and NEW diapers were torn and spread throughout the house. there was one that was in too close proximity to where she decided to pee, and that gel stuff was everywhere!!! there were several things she decided to chew that night, including a wooden giraffe joe had from africa & a really awesome scroll he had from china.

to say the least, she has been kenneled since then every time we go out!!

so there have been more stories like this -"could this be goodbye?!?", the end of the silly monster pillows the boys loved, several pairs of shoes, LOADS of toys...

some you take lightly, others you use as examples as to why we need to be "responsible"!

anyway, her latest trick has been attack of the bathroom. she LOVED taking all the trash and shredding it under the bed. i am 10 mos prego mind you, so getting things from under the bed, NOT MY CURRENT CUP OF TEA!!! i finally train the boys (joe and o) to close the door, but then with the heat it starts to get a little funky know, it's a bathroom! besides, have you tried to go to the bathroom when the hot steam from a shower has sat there? ugh, you feel like you're swimming and everything is wet. i finally splurge for a mini-trashcan with a pop up lid.

ah! troubles over!


they've only just begun!

i ran [solo] to target the other night to grab some groceries, etc. target is my store after all! remember this day? i blogged about ALL the stuff i did around the house! by night, i was sore! physically sore and just plain exhausted, but i still went shopping! we needed food! i needed a break from the boys! anyway, i came home and my normal routine is to RUN to the bathroom. doesn't matter that i went at least 2 times while at target, i have to goooo!!! i get upstairs and immediately know she's been at it...

*toilet brush...MIA
*plunger...middle of bath floor and chewed
*shower curtain...tucked up and moved over (she's been in the tub)
*i open the curtain to find the frog belly of toys down and several toys missing, the loofahs shredded, and the shampoo missing -what dog steals a bottle of shampoo?!?
*turn around to investigate more...the toothbrush holder...gone! along with all the toothbrushes but 1 -ironically, aidens! aiden and lucy have a very special bond! was this coincidence?!?

i look under bed for toilet brush and find a nice little chewed up pile! it included the toilet brush, what was left of the toothbrushes, a brand new pack of wipes (which she stole from the basket on the back of the toilet), a few leftover pieces of bath toys, a HUGE bottle of softsoap refill that was spilling, the shampoo (that was also spilling), a brand new roll of toilet paper (which is on a top shelf in a linen closet so HOW DID SHE GET THAT?!?), etc.

needless to say, our bathroom door is closed again!

i wish i could say it was cleaned up with grace, but it was not! i was mad at lucy for being so bad, mad at joe for missing this (how?!?), mad that i was JUST at the store and now had to go buy new toothbrushes if we wanted clean teeth in the am, mad that i was soo sore and had to dig stuff from under the bed and still go downstairs to put the groceries away.....UGH!!! obviously, i'm a little more over it now and it's humorous enough to blog about!!

can't tell you how exciting it was to have to "re-clean" it all in the am (when it came out her other end), but at least it came out in the back yard.....

why do we always get "the bad ones"?!? why do i love her so much still?!?

shockingly, we have worse stories than this from previous dogs! stories that include the destruction of ALL my wedding pictures...

why do we have pets at all?!?

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