Thursday, May 12, 2011

i have never been more ready...

so here i am with a little over a week left,
and i can't freakin wait!!!!

for one, i really wanna meet this little girl already!

second, i am physically exhausted and ready to start feeling human again -which eventually means being able to sleep, bend, eat, exercise, etc.!

lastly, this "nesting" phase has never been seen like this before...atleast for me!

joe said in the beginning he knew i was pregnant b/c i was crazy. (he also said i was more crazy than with the boys, so he knew it was a girl!)

he was right!

i wonder what he's gonna say when he comes home today and sees everything i've done...

i mean, besides the normal get ready for baby stuff you do, and the quilting i did, i also have started another quilt for some friends. can't wait for them to have a baby so i can give it to them!!! (guess i should work on finishing it too if this is a reality)

yesterday, i got the notion to paint the kitchen ceiling. yup! check that off the "honey-do" list!!
(did i mention that both boys were sick yesterday? so i also cared for them, cleaned up several messes & did extra loads of laundry!!)

today? well, this is the first i've really rested all day!!

today i started with lower back pain, loads of pressure & contractions. i've never had contractions mind you, so i was a little taken back. my first thought was "REST!" & that's what i did. not long after they subsided, and then reality sunk in...i am full term! this is okay!

i immediately got to work -thinking i could bring this little girl into the world today!!! i re-painted the bottom half of my dining room and painted the bases that have been needing paint since we last redid the flooring in here (okay, so i only really did about half the dining room b/c i thought it not a good idea to attempt to move the treadmill or the "office" table alone). i did more laundry, including carrying the baskets up/down the stairs (that which i've been trying NOT to do). i also attempted to sand the "hole in the wall'', but our sand paper was bad [guess that's tomorrow's task]. then, the boys were in bed so i headed out back and shoveled. this last task is hard to explain, but if you've seen it (the backyard), you know what i mean. this is a job i've been literally begging joe to do. every week i attempt to coax him into it...usually failing. he has been working on it the last couple weeks, but now it's done!

ha! guess her coming today was not the big guy's plan!

i have officially finished joe's "honey-do" list,
i did NOT bring on any more contractions,
i am completely exhausted [and sore],
& i still have to go grocery shopping!!!

it's a good thing i don't have to physically work to get this baby out b/c now i'm so beat, it might never happen!

well, for now i will try to be patient -she is coming afterall! whether it's today or 11 days from now!! most importantly, she is loved all the same!!!

hope my crazy nesting has brought some humor to your life today!

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