Thursday, April 21, 2011

thankful thursdays 4/21/11

my mom!
*i love that she is so willing to aide in laughter!
*she always listens to what i have to say and is willing to talk about anything.
*she would give you anything, including the shirt off her back or even her life if she had to/could because when she commits (as family or a friend) she truely means it!
*she is always wanting to help however she can.
*she is a strong woman.
*she must have exhausted herself raising up us 4 girls and was willing to do so (i get it mom!)!

there are so many other reasons i am thankful for her too...maybe when my brain is working (b/c it's not 5am and i haven't been up for FOREVER) i'll be back to tell you some more reasons why!

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