Thursday, April 14, 2011

thankful thursdays 4/14/11

going to try something new. don't know how good i'll be at it (just like the "wordless wednesdays", i'm sure it will be hit and miss), but i want to attempt to make a "things i'm thankful for from the week past" post ->a way of focusing on the good things rather than dwelling in the hard/bad ones. *not all the things will have photos, but i'll try to include one if i can! :)

here goes the first of the thankful thursdays post:

1. for time we got to spend with family! the cousins REALLY love each other and it's always good to have time to catch up/hang out! it had been way too long between visits this time too!! we went down to genos and got cheesesteaks and they even brought me a sugarfree ritas!! :)

2. for my boys. they are super hard right now, but i have more love than i even know how to deal with for them!! they also have super fun personalities that come out once in a while! ;)

3. for nice weather which allows for breezes flowing through open windows of the house and dresses to be worn!!

4. for a bunch of fresh flowers that sit in a vase in my kitchen. they not only look attractive and make me smile, but they also have a beautiful smell that wafts through my house as those breezes mentioned in #3 blow through! i didn't even have to buy these ones!

5. for superhero music and batman costumes that bring endless distraction to 2 little men that live in this house.

6. for time to pray with friends. such an encouragement to my soul!

7. for time with my hubs (and just for him in general)! he surprised me with a night away at a bed & breakfast and i had an absolutely lovely time JUST WITH HIM!! this is such a rare thing and refreshing for both of us as we near the arrival of sophia! (you can read more about it here)

8. this one may sound silly, especially to make the list of only 10 things from the week, but i'm thankful for "culinary de-stressors". i mean, i love to make stuff in the kitchen! it eases my frustrations and i love to share the items with people. this week there have been several things, but one that stands out (probably b/c it happened recently enough for my mush brain to remember it) is homemade strawberry lemonade for the boys! it brought them such joy!!

9. for technology that allows me to hear the beautiful heartbeat of my little girl who still grows inside me. i can hear that she is healthy! i grow more and more in love with her every moment!

it's amazing that you can love someone sooo much and yet there's still more love everyday. (this goes for many people in my life -not just soph!)

10. for time to study god's word. these moments are often so hard to find, so it makes the time i do have even more special! my bible study is actually wrapping up for the year, which is good timing as far as expecting baby, but i can honestly say i can't wait to return in the fall and start a new study!! as far as this one goes, i'm going to cheat and add a few more things. i'm also thankful for the woman of god that god has leading this study -the main reason i head to jersey for this study! i also LOVE doing it with my sissy and mom and grams!! :)

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