Sunday, April 17, 2011

school days - Jj

clearly from the date of when we did "j" for school,
it's been a few weeks of not doing school.

i sadly can't even remember what we talked about,
besides jobs...

owen did a worksheet that focused on a toymaker.
he had to color and sort the types of toys made.
aiden colored a "j" worksheet.

we also learned the verse below:

as we draw closer to the end of this pregnancy,
i've been extremely exhausted.

often, just doing the "bear necessities" to get through the day
puts me into contractions.
YUP! i did say contractions!
(never had those before)
luckily, with enough rest, they go away.
so for now i've been forced to go slow,
something i'm NOT very good at.

i'm not sure if we'll make it through a few more letters
before soph comes or not,
we take it a day at a time,
but i didn't want it to be another year before i posted j pictures!

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