Sunday, April 10, 2011

my surprise "gift"

life has been generally busy lately,
to which i've been responding somewhat stressed.
friday was no exception!
joe leaves for prayer EARLY in am,
and inevitably the boys wake up EARLY as well.
often days the boys wake and we keep them in their room for a bit.
this day did NOT go as so.

by 7:15am, i had
2 loads of laundry folded & put away,
and 2 boys up, dressed & fed...
that's never good
(way too early)!!!!!

needless to say, i was grumpy and wanting joe home asap!
9am rolls around [eventually], and i start looking out the window for "short relief".
(aka: joe coming in for a few min between mtg's)
by 9:45, i confess, we put a movie on!
at about 11am (way late), he comes in.
i'm in a "i'm not even going to turn to recognize that he's home"
kinda mood, so i keep focused on the movie!

i hear a bustling noise and realize he has flowers.
okay, i'm not entirely mad now, but still aggrevated!
i turn and say something to the effect of "you're lucky!"

he smiles at me and says, "there's more!"
he hands me the little card:

here are the flowers:

now is when i think i started to cry.
i had let my frustrating morning dictate how i would respond to my hubs and he does this!
way to put me into check joseph!

as a side note:
he is AWFUL at surprises!
normally, like a child, he says "i know a secret..."
this time was a complete surprise!
he thought of just about everything
and it swept me off my feet!

we went to an adorable bed & breakfast in rittenhouse square.
it's a very quiet part of the city,
surprisingly so!
it was a quaint historic house with amazing features.
the owners were so kind and it was just fabulous!
here are some shots of the place:

check out wasn't until 1pm,
so we were able to go for a walk in the am and watch people at the square that was a mere 1 or 2 blocks away.
we grabbed some chai's and browsed thru some open market stuff,
followed by lunch before heading home.
lots of walking for this prego,
but it was so much fun and
i'm so thankful for the gift of the night away
and the time with the hubs!
**i dare not forget to mention
that we didn't even have to worry about cost of our meals
as our friend from church was so thoughtful this week
to give us a gift to "get out and enjoy".
what an amazing weekend!!

here is 1 of the outside shots:

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