Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"don't make me count to three!"

i can't even remember how many times the conversation has come up in the past few weeks, of friends [just like us] struggling with discipline. there are so many questions and frustrations built into this topic, and i am surely not the one who has the answers, but i've been reading a great book that has helped loads so i wanted to share!
"don't make me count to three!" has those "that is me" moments that make you want to laugh/cry (sometimes even at the same time). it has tips for looking at the heart of the issues, and lots of pointing towards what god says about discipline. it talks about the heart issue rather than just the outward response that is shown.
i thought i'd share some of the things in just the first couple of chapters that struck me, that might help you decide if it's time to take a look at this book for your house and family.

here goes some:

phrases like "you just wait til your daddy gets home!", "you don't want me to come in there!" and "do you want a spanking?" aid parents in avoiding discipline issues.

this is absolutely true for me! i have caught myself using these lines so often in order to avoid having to deal with the issue at hand.

the author, ginger plowman, prays:
"god, is this really what i'm supposed to be doing? i mean, don't you have something really important for me that requires a little more skill than tying shoes and cutting the crust off sandwiches?"
guess this will not always be what's required, i'm sure it will look very different, but it sure is hard while they are young to be sooo needed for everything (including the skills listed above)! life literally demands you to be self-less and i'm pretty sure every single one of us would agree we are prone to be selfish!!

she also makes a list of the good things to focus on. not a bad idea, thinking we should all give this one a try:
"i had the privilege of listening to the hopes and dreams of a handsome young man who thinks i'm the greatest woman in the world. he stands just over three feet tall and only gets really excited over legos and pizza, but he is funny, charming, and never boring.
i also got to see a bright and precious smile illuminate the sweet face of my five-year-old daughter as i took time out to invade barbie's house with green aliens. as she squealed with delight, my heart melted.
i did have a few minutes of well-appreciated privacy, as i was able to sit on the potty without someone banging on the door -i jotted this under "miracles" in my journal....i was also able to dust, organize, clean, counsel, and cook. i kissed away the boo-boos and washed away the tears. i praised, rebuked, encouraged, hugged, and tested my patience, all before noon."
this next part i need to make my daily prayer! this is it!! it's all for this:
"yes, my greatest accomplishment today was nurturing the two precious children that god has entrusted to my care.
now let's talk about my greatest challenge today...and every day. it is raising these two precious children in the ways of the lord. god does have an important job for me, and it does require much skill. it is my calling, my priority, my struggle, and my goal. i will rise to the occasion and accept the task at hand, i will love, nurture, and train my children the way god has called me to do."
a few more good reminders:
"moms, we need to be reminded of the awesome responsibility that god has given us. when we respond to the high calling of motherhood with passion, the rewards are far greater than any we could ever gain outside of that calling."

"being a mom is more than being cook, chauffeur, maid, counselor, doctor, referee, disciplinarian, etc. (just to name a few). it's about molding character, building confidence, nurturing, training and guiding."

"in order for us to reach the hearts of our children we must realize that there is far more to parenting than getting our children to act right. we have to get them to think right and to be motivated out of love of virtue rather than a fear of punishment."

"it takes much more preparation, discipline, understanding, and self-control on our part to actually instruct them according to god's word."
as i've attempted to write this all morning, and been tried by several circumstances, i'm realizing how much i NEED to keep working on this! how much i need to change my heart on why i want this! don't get me wrong, i generally believe my children are pretty well behaved. i also know that they have been testing boundries to the extreme lately. i hope this helps my other mom friends know they're not alone in this and that there are instructions in gods word for us! we are not alone!!

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  1. I don't have kids but I've read that book! I loved it. She also wrote a book called "Heaven at Home" but I haven't read it yet. -Danielle Krammel