Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a fun easter breakfast...

i've been searching the internet for fun easter desserts for our family gathering this week
(i'm in charge of the kids dessert so i wanted it to be fun).
while searching, i came across a picture for a great easter breakfast.

you simply use cookie cutters to cut out a picture in the center of your bread:

then scramble up some eggs:

place the bread into the frying pan and add scrambled egg to the center:

in theory and in professional picture online,
these should be/are adorable!
i don't know where i went wrong...
the egg didn't keep shape very well and we lost the cute factor.
i didn't really read the instructions as i was dessert hunting,
so maybe i shouldn't have added milk to the egg?
maybe i had the heat too high and it cooked too fast?
maybe i used the wrong type of bread?
who knows...

here is the final result we got:

then you are supposed to "decorate" or detail them with ketchup.
here is our egg:

here is our chic:

here is our bunny:

the boys still loved them
(i guess it's easy to do when you don't know what you're missing)!

we also saved the insides for mini sandwiches for lunch:

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