Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 yrs old.

how did it come so fast?

when did i have to switch to batman toys and boys sized underwares and socks, etc.

no one told me the excitement and anticipation this "big number" would hold! he's finally into it, which i am sure i will regret in a few years when demands change...

it's been a day full of interesting and surprises:

* daddy's first meeting was canceled, so we were able to enjoy owen's favorite breakfast -a little something we call "daddy's hot breakfast". eggs, toast, and of course sausage!

* almost first thing, o found his "pile" of presents & specifically ROARED with excitement to see a batman drawn on paper (his card). before tearing open the gifts, he ran over to me, squeezed me ever so tightly and said, "thank you soo soo much mommy!" ->he still loves me! :)

* though incredibly excited about his new scooby doo/batman movie that he begged for (after all, it did have joker and the penguin in it)...he spent the first 5-10 min chanting, "where's batman mommy?" guess we all know who the total lure to wanting that movie was!

* as our day continued, i let him choose lunch. oatmeal with bananas and a pickle on the side. where does he come up with this stuff?!? i'm prego & i LOVE pickles regularly, but i wouldn't pair them with oatmeal!! as requested, that's what he had. mommy had some leftovers from the night before...

for dinner tonight, i didn't prompt him with suggestions of types of food, but i stressed heavily the option of eating out. that's been his big thing lately, wanting to go out. i also said we could bring food home (my personal 2nd favorite choice), or "mommy could cook you something" i muttered at the end quietly (obviously, my NON favorite choice).

he choose meatballs. "really?!?" i asked as i once again tried to lure him with the eating out idea. he laughed out loud when i suggested them with spaghetti so he could "slurp" it up...

apparently, he has a very specific idea of what his 4th birthday dinner should look like: meatball parm sandwiches with "spicy orange chips" (or in our terms: doritos). for dessert, he chose ice cream cake. i'm down with that last part! ;)

he was so in love with his batman card, he flew it around all morning! his face (above) doesn't give that away, does it?

aiden, loving owens batman as well, came to me almost in tears asking for "a paper" too...of course, i'd make him one when he just about breaks my heart asking ever so sadly for one! we drew him a puppy that said "happy un-birthday aiden!" he too walked around with his for quite some time!

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