Saturday, April 23, 2011

a cute, but naughty little boy

in our house we like to let the kids have fun with holidays, but we certainly don't stress the imaginary parts of each holiday!

for instance, with easter coming up, i have bought them little goodies for an easter basket. however, i do not hide that the goodie basket is from us parents, not an "easter bunny". i also already have it sitting out ready to be filled for easter sunday.

the other morning, we struggled a bit. from behind their closed door, we heard owen say something to the effect of "no aiden! don't take off your poopy pull-up!"

ugh! never a good sentence to hear, but esp not that early in the am. side note: aiden has been potty training and LOVES taking off his pull-up!

so joe and i rush in to attempt to take control of the situation quickly. with that (both of us coming in), i can only assume aiden knew what he did was not a good idea. he ran to his bed and took a nice "plop" down on to it...

ugh! mess made worse!

so i have joe take aiden downstairs to get him cleaned up and dressed and i attack the room. after i clean up the mess, which could have been a lot worse, o and i clean up all the toys, etc. & we head downstairs for the day. probably only a few minutes behind the other 2.

immediately i notice we're missing someone...

"where's aiden?" i ask joe, who is taking advantage of not being bothered to bang out some e-mails quickly. it was all too quiet so i slowly made my way towards the back of the house.

needless to say, aiden had climbed up onto the counter top and was sitting happily with blue sugar coated lips! he had found his treasures early and was helping himself to a peep!

it took everything in me to not laugh out loud, but i was able to keep a straight face and sternly say "don't move!" --so i could grab the camera and remember this!!! he posed cutely chanting "cheese"!

it was even harder to then have to explain how dangerous that was and how he wasn't allowed to do it again!

i'm sure glad i grabbed a quick snapshot of his little face though! and i can't wait to see his little face when he discovers there are other treasures in his basket than a blue sugar coated peep, that i think he'll enjoy much more!!!

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