Friday, April 22, 2011

a blanket for sophia

as i did with each of the boys,
i've made a special blanket for sophia!
owen and aiden even "helped" me with it today...
(they held the reverse switch on the machine
when i had to "force" thick parts through with both hands)
here, they were more than willing to help model
the progress we made:

a close up of some of the patterns:

for the quilting part, i attempted a new style,
which included making MANY little flowers!
we were surrounded by flower parts!!

but i'm so happy with the result:

i had almost not finished this quilt
b/c i wasn't happy with my materials for backing.
i finally put my foot down and went to joann fabrics
and found this simply sweet aqua to go with!
(bonus: it was on sale!!)
originally, i wanted to stay away from blues, just b/c she is a she...
so glad my mom was with me to help "talk me into it"!

guess it's official now though!
she can TOTALLY COME and i'm as ready as i'm gonna be!!


  1. It is gorgeous, Kristy! I'm so impressed that you made each of your baby quilts.
    Love the colors--and what good little helpers you have. :-)
    It's a great feeling to be allll ready for baby to arrive! YAY!

  2. The blanket turned out beautifully, and I am ready for her too. I need another princess! Maybe if she baked just a little longer...easy for me to say, huh? She will come when ready, OR when the Dr. says she is ready. I love you both, I love you ALL. x0x0