Saturday, April 23, 2011

a cute, but naughty little boy

in our house we like to let the kids have fun with holidays, but we certainly don't stress the imaginary parts of each holiday!

for instance, with easter coming up, i have bought them little goodies for an easter basket. however, i do not hide that the goodie basket is from us parents, not an "easter bunny". i also already have it sitting out ready to be filled for easter sunday.

the other morning, we struggled a bit. from behind their closed door, we heard owen say something to the effect of "no aiden! don't take off your poopy pull-up!"

ugh! never a good sentence to hear, but esp not that early in the am. side note: aiden has been potty training and LOVES taking off his pull-up!

so joe and i rush in to attempt to take control of the situation quickly. with that (both of us coming in), i can only assume aiden knew what he did was not a good idea. he ran to his bed and took a nice "plop" down on to it...

ugh! mess made worse!

so i have joe take aiden downstairs to get him cleaned up and dressed and i attack the room. after i clean up the mess, which could have been a lot worse, o and i clean up all the toys, etc. & we head downstairs for the day. probably only a few minutes behind the other 2.

immediately i notice we're missing someone...

"where's aiden?" i ask joe, who is taking advantage of not being bothered to bang out some e-mails quickly. it was all too quiet so i slowly made my way towards the back of the house.

needless to say, aiden had climbed up onto the counter top and was sitting happily with blue sugar coated lips! he had found his treasures early and was helping himself to a peep!

it took everything in me to not laugh out loud, but i was able to keep a straight face and sternly say "don't move!" --so i could grab the camera and remember this!!! he posed cutely chanting "cheese"!

it was even harder to then have to explain how dangerous that was and how he wasn't allowed to do it again!

i'm sure glad i grabbed a quick snapshot of his little face though! and i can't wait to see his little face when he discovers there are other treasures in his basket than a blue sugar coated peep, that i think he'll enjoy much more!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

a blanket for sophia

as i did with each of the boys,
i've made a special blanket for sophia!
owen and aiden even "helped" me with it today...
(they held the reverse switch on the machine
when i had to "force" thick parts through with both hands)
here, they were more than willing to help model
the progress we made:

a close up of some of the patterns:

for the quilting part, i attempted a new style,
which included making MANY little flowers!
we were surrounded by flower parts!!

but i'm so happy with the result:

i had almost not finished this quilt
b/c i wasn't happy with my materials for backing.
i finally put my foot down and went to joann fabrics
and found this simply sweet aqua to go with!
(bonus: it was on sale!!)
originally, i wanted to stay away from blues, just b/c she is a she...
so glad my mom was with me to help "talk me into it"!

guess it's official now though!
she can TOTALLY COME and i'm as ready as i'm gonna be!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

thankful thursdays 4/21/11

my mom!
*i love that she is so willing to aide in laughter!
*she always listens to what i have to say and is willing to talk about anything.
*she would give you anything, including the shirt off her back or even her life if she had to/could because when she commits (as family or a friend) she truely means it!
*she is always wanting to help however she can.
*she is a strong woman.
*she must have exhausted herself raising up us 4 girls and was willing to do so (i get it mom!)!

there are so many other reasons i am thankful for her too...maybe when my brain is working (b/c it's not 5am and i haven't been up for FOREVER) i'll be back to tell you some more reasons why!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a fun easter breakfast...

i've been searching the internet for fun easter desserts for our family gathering this week
(i'm in charge of the kids dessert so i wanted it to be fun).
while searching, i came across a picture for a great easter breakfast.

you simply use cookie cutters to cut out a picture in the center of your bread:

then scramble up some eggs:

place the bread into the frying pan and add scrambled egg to the center:

in theory and in professional picture online,
these should be/are adorable!
i don't know where i went wrong...
the egg didn't keep shape very well and we lost the cute factor.
i didn't really read the instructions as i was dessert hunting,
so maybe i shouldn't have added milk to the egg?
maybe i had the heat too high and it cooked too fast?
maybe i used the wrong type of bread?
who knows...

here is the final result we got:

then you are supposed to "decorate" or detail them with ketchup.
here is our egg:

here is our chic:

here is our bunny:

the boys still loved them
(i guess it's easy to do when you don't know what you're missing)!

we also saved the insides for mini sandwiches for lunch:

wordless wednesdays 4/20/11

Sunday, April 17, 2011

school days - Jj

clearly from the date of when we did "j" for school,
it's been a few weeks of not doing school.

i sadly can't even remember what we talked about,
besides jobs...

owen did a worksheet that focused on a toymaker.
he had to color and sort the types of toys made.
aiden colored a "j" worksheet.

we also learned the verse below:

as we draw closer to the end of this pregnancy,
i've been extremely exhausted.

often, just doing the "bear necessities" to get through the day
puts me into contractions.
YUP! i did say contractions!
(never had those before)
luckily, with enough rest, they go away.
so for now i've been forced to go slow,
something i'm NOT very good at.

i'm not sure if we'll make it through a few more letters
before soph comes or not,
we take it a day at a time,
but i didn't want it to be another year before i posted j pictures!

Friday, April 15, 2011

waterproof FAIL

here i thought i was soo smart, and going to save us LOADS of monies...
this is a waterproof FAIL!
these are the gerber vinyl pants. you put them over undies and i thought i had a cheaper version of pull-ups. i passed owen's "li-queen" and "mel-mo" underwares down to aiden when he advanced to the next size up & batman, but apparently aiden won't be using them for a while still.
we had pee
all in all, i'm very pleased with my little man who went potty every hour today with only 1 accident (and that was in between the hour goings -guess he drank too much that hour).
if you are considering using these in place of pull-ups, don't bother!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

thankful thursdays 4/14/11

going to try something new. don't know how good i'll be at it (just like the "wordless wednesdays", i'm sure it will be hit and miss), but i want to attempt to make a "things i'm thankful for from the week past" post ->a way of focusing on the good things rather than dwelling in the hard/bad ones. *not all the things will have photos, but i'll try to include one if i can! :)

here goes the first of the thankful thursdays post:

1. for time we got to spend with family! the cousins REALLY love each other and it's always good to have time to catch up/hang out! it had been way too long between visits this time too!! we went down to genos and got cheesesteaks and they even brought me a sugarfree ritas!! :)

2. for my boys. they are super hard right now, but i have more love than i even know how to deal with for them!! they also have super fun personalities that come out once in a while! ;)

3. for nice weather which allows for breezes flowing through open windows of the house and dresses to be worn!!

4. for a bunch of fresh flowers that sit in a vase in my kitchen. they not only look attractive and make me smile, but they also have a beautiful smell that wafts through my house as those breezes mentioned in #3 blow through! i didn't even have to buy these ones!

5. for superhero music and batman costumes that bring endless distraction to 2 little men that live in this house.

6. for time to pray with friends. such an encouragement to my soul!

7. for time with my hubs (and just for him in general)! he surprised me with a night away at a bed & breakfast and i had an absolutely lovely time JUST WITH HIM!! this is such a rare thing and refreshing for both of us as we near the arrival of sophia! (you can read more about it here)

8. this one may sound silly, especially to make the list of only 10 things from the week, but i'm thankful for "culinary de-stressors". i mean, i love to make stuff in the kitchen! it eases my frustrations and i love to share the items with people. this week there have been several things, but one that stands out (probably b/c it happened recently enough for my mush brain to remember it) is homemade strawberry lemonade for the boys! it brought them such joy!!

9. for technology that allows me to hear the beautiful heartbeat of my little girl who still grows inside me. i can hear that she is healthy! i grow more and more in love with her every moment!

it's amazing that you can love someone sooo much and yet there's still more love everyday. (this goes for many people in my life -not just soph!)

10. for time to study god's word. these moments are often so hard to find, so it makes the time i do have even more special! my bible study is actually wrapping up for the year, which is good timing as far as expecting baby, but i can honestly say i can't wait to return in the fall and start a new study!! as far as this one goes, i'm going to cheat and add a few more things. i'm also thankful for the woman of god that god has leading this study -the main reason i head to jersey for this study! i also LOVE doing it with my sissy and mom and grams!! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

things that make you go "humph"!

every once in a while i like to look at the STATS of my blog. today brought me a little humor...

countries who view my blog (in order of most views):

united states
united kingdom

words people search that bring them to my blog:
"onesies thrift store"
"march 2, 2011 jesus and green eggs and ham"
"a spanking"
"how to dress toddlers for mardi gras"
"free lunch dates"

a couple of those countries make sense to me (thank you danielle, currently in germany & friends/family in the us), but most are a total surprise! i mean, what is my blog to complete strangers in other countries?!? i also know i've "lost" the audience of a couple countries as alaska and mexico used to be on there too...tia, you better amp up your blog stalking down there in oaxaca!! ;)

also, the word searches...really?!? do people really search for things like "march 2, 2011 jesus and green eggs and ham" all together like that?!? what are they looking for?


haha, and dressing toddlers for mardi gras? pretty sure i didn't cover that one!!

anyway, it was fun to read, and as viewers [no matter what country you're in] you don't get to see my stats, so i thought i'd share just a little with you!

happy day people! :)


we were given 2 tickets to the phillies
the other week,
and it went without question who would get to go!

joe and o had a great daddy/son date
and took 2 trains down to watch the game
(or at least part of it).
that's a double great night for o!!!

from what joe tells me,
o was quite the "crowd pleaser"
with cute questions like
"why won't they throw it to me, daddy?".

he was spoiled rotten
and got 2 hot dogs & french fries.
fun times for the boys
and we're thankful for the gift from a friend!!

wordless wednesdays 4/13/11

gReEn BuBbLeS?!?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"don't make me count to three!"

i can't even remember how many times the conversation has come up in the past few weeks, of friends [just like us] struggling with discipline. there are so many questions and frustrations built into this topic, and i am surely not the one who has the answers, but i've been reading a great book that has helped loads so i wanted to share!
"don't make me count to three!" has those "that is me" moments that make you want to laugh/cry (sometimes even at the same time). it has tips for looking at the heart of the issues, and lots of pointing towards what god says about discipline. it talks about the heart issue rather than just the outward response that is shown.
i thought i'd share some of the things in just the first couple of chapters that struck me, that might help you decide if it's time to take a look at this book for your house and family.

here goes some:

phrases like "you just wait til your daddy gets home!", "you don't want me to come in there!" and "do you want a spanking?" aid parents in avoiding discipline issues.

this is absolutely true for me! i have caught myself using these lines so often in order to avoid having to deal with the issue at hand.

the author, ginger plowman, prays:
"god, is this really what i'm supposed to be doing? i mean, don't you have something really important for me that requires a little more skill than tying shoes and cutting the crust off sandwiches?"
guess this will not always be what's required, i'm sure it will look very different, but it sure is hard while they are young to be sooo needed for everything (including the skills listed above)! life literally demands you to be self-less and i'm pretty sure every single one of us would agree we are prone to be selfish!!

she also makes a list of the good things to focus on. not a bad idea, thinking we should all give this one a try:
"i had the privilege of listening to the hopes and dreams of a handsome young man who thinks i'm the greatest woman in the world. he stands just over three feet tall and only gets really excited over legos and pizza, but he is funny, charming, and never boring.
i also got to see a bright and precious smile illuminate the sweet face of my five-year-old daughter as i took time out to invade barbie's house with green aliens. as she squealed with delight, my heart melted.
i did have a few minutes of well-appreciated privacy, as i was able to sit on the potty without someone banging on the door -i jotted this under "miracles" in my journal....i was also able to dust, organize, clean, counsel, and cook. i kissed away the boo-boos and washed away the tears. i praised, rebuked, encouraged, hugged, and tested my patience, all before noon."
this next part i need to make my daily prayer! this is it!! it's all for this:
"yes, my greatest accomplishment today was nurturing the two precious children that god has entrusted to my care.
now let's talk about my greatest challenge today...and every day. it is raising these two precious children in the ways of the lord. god does have an important job for me, and it does require much skill. it is my calling, my priority, my struggle, and my goal. i will rise to the occasion and accept the task at hand, i will love, nurture, and train my children the way god has called me to do."
a few more good reminders:
"moms, we need to be reminded of the awesome responsibility that god has given us. when we respond to the high calling of motherhood with passion, the rewards are far greater than any we could ever gain outside of that calling."

"being a mom is more than being cook, chauffeur, maid, counselor, doctor, referee, disciplinarian, etc. (just to name a few). it's about molding character, building confidence, nurturing, training and guiding."

"in order for us to reach the hearts of our children we must realize that there is far more to parenting than getting our children to act right. we have to get them to think right and to be motivated out of love of virtue rather than a fear of punishment."

"it takes much more preparation, discipline, understanding, and self-control on our part to actually instruct them according to god's word."
as i've attempted to write this all morning, and been tried by several circumstances, i'm realizing how much i NEED to keep working on this! how much i need to change my heart on why i want this! don't get me wrong, i generally believe my children are pretty well behaved. i also know that they have been testing boundries to the extreme lately. i hope this helps my other mom friends know they're not alone in this and that there are instructions in gods word for us! we are not alone!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

pineapple upside down cake

this past week we had jamaican themed fellowship dinner with home group. i like fellowship dinners, b/c it gives chance to bring the whole fam and truely enjoy fellowship of friends! we picked pineapple upside down cake to bring and followed a truely simple recipe but got a simply delicious cake!!
surprisingly, it's not from allrecipes, but still worth checking out!!!

my surprise "gift"

life has been generally busy lately,
to which i've been responding somewhat stressed.
friday was no exception!
joe leaves for prayer EARLY in am,
and inevitably the boys wake up EARLY as well.
often days the boys wake and we keep them in their room for a bit.
this day did NOT go as so.

by 7:15am, i had
2 loads of laundry folded & put away,
and 2 boys up, dressed & fed...
that's never good
(way too early)!!!!!

needless to say, i was grumpy and wanting joe home asap!
9am rolls around [eventually], and i start looking out the window for "short relief".
(aka: joe coming in for a few min between mtg's)
by 9:45, i confess, we put a movie on!
at about 11am (way late), he comes in.
i'm in a "i'm not even going to turn to recognize that he's home"
kinda mood, so i keep focused on the movie!

i hear a bustling noise and realize he has flowers.
okay, i'm not entirely mad now, but still aggrevated!
i turn and say something to the effect of "you're lucky!"

he smiles at me and says, "there's more!"
he hands me the little card:

here are the flowers:

now is when i think i started to cry.
i had let my frustrating morning dictate how i would respond to my hubs and he does this!
way to put me into check joseph!

as a side note:
he is AWFUL at surprises!
normally, like a child, he says "i know a secret..."
this time was a complete surprise!
he thought of just about everything
and it swept me off my feet!

we went to an adorable bed & breakfast in rittenhouse square.
it's a very quiet part of the city,
surprisingly so!
it was a quaint historic house with amazing features.
the owners were so kind and it was just fabulous!
here are some shots of the place:

check out wasn't until 1pm,
so we were able to go for a walk in the am and watch people at the square that was a mere 1 or 2 blocks away.
we grabbed some chai's and browsed thru some open market stuff,
followed by lunch before heading home.
lots of walking for this prego,
but it was so much fun and
i'm so thankful for the gift of the night away
and the time with the hubs!
**i dare not forget to mention
that we didn't even have to worry about cost of our meals
as our friend from church was so thoughtful this week
to give us a gift to "get out and enjoy".
what an amazing weekend!!

here is 1 of the outside shots: