Saturday, March 19, 2011

too quiet...

this morning was one of those moments
when the boys were just "too quiet" in the other room.
usually this means trouble,
but today, it was quite a cute surprise!
(though it could have been worse)

i found the boys using their nesting cups
(pictured above)
and squeezing their water into them...
having "tea time"!
not sure where they got the idea,
except that i too was sipping tea,
but it was super cute!

i remembered a while back i had a tupperware party
and ended up with a lot of free stuff.
one of the things i picked was a
small pitcher and cup set.
the cups are long gone
(they were super-mini)
but we use the pitcher for odds and ends.
i decided to help them have a proper tea!

they had juice and crackers,
they served themselves,
& had lots of fun!

here is their little tea:

and to think,
i've been wanting to get a tea set
for little sophie's future play...
maybe i was confused as to who should have it!!!

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