Saturday, March 19, 2011

school days - Ii

this week we talked about the letter "Ii"

and our themes were "insects" &


we had lots of fun coloring in different insects,
and making lots of things with ingredients!

one of our stories was "israel's first king".
o loved re-telling it to daddy later!!

the verse was phil 4:13:

one of the first things we made was some
home made play dough.
the boys were amazed i knew how!
they loved measuring out the ingredients and
helping me mix,
but even more so,
they loved PLAYING with it!

we made several other things as well,
including mini pizzas when our friends were over!
these are not ours
(i forgot to take pix in the midst of lots of kids),
but it gives you the idea!

our most favorite part
just may have been putting the
ingredients into our new popcorn maker.
that's for another blog, another time though!
it was a fun week!

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