Tuesday, March 15, 2011

school days - Hh

we seem to be in a "rut" of
just doing school to get it done...
last week was similar,
but also surrounded by joe being completely gone
and me being alone with boys.
we were also ill prepared and didn't have copies, etc.
we did manage to do school though
and i'm pretty sure the boys still enjoyed it!
we did "Hh" and health.
here is our verse for the week:

o hard at work finding all the "Hh's" in the search:

our story:

we talked about ways to stay healthy
(ie: washing hands, covering coughs, no hands/toys in mouth, etc.)

we talked about "healthy" foods,
which we can have lots of:

and "not so healthy" foods,
which are special treats and need to be eaten sparingly:

o remembered water was a healthy drink:

we practiced writing Hh
(o rocked this!!):

and we colored words that begin with Hh:

we also felt our hearts,
then felt our hearts again!

we had fun even if it was a "half attempt" on my part!!

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