Sunday, March 6, 2011

school days - Gg

what a week!

this week we did [a very little bit of] the letter "g"
and our theme was dr seuss.
wed was dr seuss's b-day,
so of course we had to celebrate!!!
we had friends over and read, watched a cartoon of,
sang happy b-day and ate cupcakes!
what fun!

we were able to get the cat in the hat via netflix,
but our friends got horton hears a who.
we ended up watching the latter on this special day!

we had SO MUCH FUN reading all the books we have
throughout the week!

we spent a whole day on green eggs and ham
(including eating it for lunch as seen in the video posted earlier)

we started a NEW month

we also went to a celebration at target.
we were able to sit and listen to several books read by the workers,
and were given goodie bags filled with
coloring pages, crayons,
chick-a-dees (target goldfish),
juice & fruit snacks.
we even learned of some new books we'd never heard of before
like "i'm not going to get up today"...
should def add that to our collection!
mommy and daddy bought coffees and got to relax too! :)

the week was strange and didn't allow much time to focus on the letter "g",
but we did talk about it!
we learned many words that start with "g",
including one of owens favorites ->

our verse for this week was,
"go into all the world and share the good news with everyone!"

owen is remembering them all quite well!!!
*i just realized i'm behind and never posted "school days - Ff"
so stay tuned for that week*

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