Sunday, March 6, 2011

a mommy & aiden date

this week, lucy (the new dog) got sick and daddy & owen took her to the vet. that left mommy & aiden home for the morning. we had so much fun together!!! i honestly don't remember having such one-on-one time with him before, though it's been wanted!! first we baked some muffins for our bible study luncheon the next day. originally they were going to be zucchini muffins, but we didn't have enough zucchini. i improvised and added some peach (as we had a few that were super ripe). they turned out delicious!!!
ironically, we used a recipe called "sophie's zucchini bread". maybe it wasn't too ironic though, b/c the name def made me want to try it! so sophie helped too! it is another allrecipes find! like i said, we only had 2 zucchini (smaller ones), so we added 2 peaches as well. in total they equaled about the 3 cups the recipe called for (of course this was just an estimate as we usually don't measure). we always omit the nuts as we are just not a nutty family (atleast in this sense!). everyone who had some raved about them, so i think our experiment went rather well!!

after baking, we had lots of time for stories -> one of aidens favorite things to do! it was a great chance to see what he knows (without big brother there to answer first). my favorite book to get a sense of what they know is called "my big word book". here is a link to it on amazon, though i KNOW we didn't pay that much for it! you can check out the inside of the book on this site too, if you'd like. it is full of pictures of very common things! i like to go at it from different angles like "what's this?" or "can you find the boots?". i was VERY PLEASANTLY surprised to see just how well aiden did with it!

we also did some mild wrestling, for what date with aiden is complete without it, and took a few silly face pictures! i really enjoyed our time together, just him and me, and hope to find more ways to do this in the future!

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