Wednesday, March 16, 2011

homemade yogurt (in the crock)

a big thank you to stephanie, whoever you are, for blogging how to make yogurt in your crock...
we officially enjoy ours and it was relatively easy! plus, there were no "rotten" sights to see. it was kind of like magic, put ingredients in & out pops yogurt! it takes a long time, so make sure you can be home in the needed times, but it's super easy!!

we started with a half gallon milk. (the tip was start with whole b/c it makes it thicker. when you get the hang of it you can change the fat content. also, i assume you can use any type of milk you want -soy, rice, etc). you put it in the crock on LOW for 2 1/2 hours.

then you turn off & unplug crock - leave milk covered for 3 hours!

at this point take out 2 c of the warmish milk. whisk in 1/2 c plain yogurt. (eventually you can save your yogurt for this part, but you need the live active cultures to start the process) it was also suggested to add 1 packet knox (unflavored gelatin) at this time to help thicken. i knew i wouldn't like plain yogurt, so i added 1 c splenda as well.
after it's whisked well, add this mix to crock again and stir all together. (i don't think i stirred well enough, as i had a clump of gelatin in the bottom of my crock when all was said and done.)
recover then wrap a large & thick towel around the whole crockpot. let sit for 8 hours, undisturbed. i also think i would let it sit a few hours longer, as that would help thicken it. this part is suggested to do overnight. i happened to be home all day and did it through the day so that by am we could have some fresh [cold] yogurt.
it's not terribly thick, but most yogurts i get aren't. i tasted this plain when it was done and b/c of my added splenda it was delicious. almost didn't want to add the fruit.
adding fruit is optional, but i did it this time. (next time i think i might skip or try vanilla or try splitting and making diff flavors). adding fruit also made it a lot thinner of a yogurt.
i am a HUGE yogurt snob, but i really enjoyed this one! we ended up drinking it, but it's similar to a smoothie you would make.
*****according to this, in philly, a gallon of yobaby yogurt would cost $21.28 (or .16/oz) and a gallon of homemade yogurt would cost $4.97 (or .03/oz) -now that's saving!!!*****

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