Wednesday, March 2, 2011

green eggs and ham by dr owen

this week is dr seuss's birthday and so we used him as the theme for our week of school -more on that with our "school days post" later this week.
on tues we read the story "green eggs and ham" and decided to have green [scrambled] eggs and ham for lunch. especially being "g" wk, it went perfectly!!
well, during lunch i decided to ask o if he liked green eggs and ham and he was so cute in his response...very much with the "attitude" of the book he responded with an,
"i do! i do! i like them sam-i-am!"
i was blown away so i asked if he would tell that to the camera. i grabbed it and started rolling and much to my surprise, he started an improv acting out of the story. i went along with it (that's why my part sounds soo goofy -i was unprepared), and it was super fun to see in the end. i also got aiden to stop shoveling it in for a brief second to say,
"i like it!"

some days are so much fun!!!

*can i just also mention, you must really love your child to post a video of you acting out a silly book on it!!!*

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