Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cream puffs and lemon sauce

so i've had a super "sweets" craving this past week...
a little something to do with wanting water ice (sugar free)
and not being able to get it!
last night was my weekly womens prayer so i decided to make a treat
unfortunately, i was ill prepared
and had no car to change what was available.

i looked through my recipes and found this one.
looked easy and i had all ingredients,
so we did it!

here is what they are supposed to look like.
fyi, super easy recipe and i will be making these again
(and again and again)!
also, it came from my wycliffe recipe book.

here is my product:

up close shot -don't they just scream delicious?!?

i also decided to get fancy and make lemon sauce with it.
not terrible tasting and easy to make,
but would def need a specific
recipe to put it on!
(cream puffs need more of a chocolate sauce
-atleast this week!!)

the complete project:

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