Wednesday, March 23, 2011

could this be "goodbye"?!?

when we first got lucy, the dog,
we "lost" a binky to her teething.
it was a sad, sad day!

since, aiden has been so very careful
to put "bimp" up on the shelf
for safe keeping...
until today!

i just brought the boys up for nap,
and we sadly found the binky this way:

while it's not as chewed as the first
(the actual mouth part was missing on that one),
i've told him it's trash...

with that,
i'm attempting to phase out binky!
it's 1/2 hr into nap,
and he is still playing...
we'll see how long this lasts!

owen was so easy!
he just went to bed one day,
handed me the binky,
and said, "no more bink!".

he was serious!

never asked for it again!

i've been talking to aiden about his "bimpy"
for a few weeks now -
attempting the whole
"sophie's going to need a binky" approach.

he gets pretty defensive,
and insists otherwise!

wish me luck on this one!!!

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