Wednesday, March 16, 2011


yesterday i used my better homes and garden cookbook i got when we got married to make my first cheesecake.
here is a similar recipe online (guess it's been "updated" since i got married so long ago you know...). it's something i have been craving and was going to try to make with my neighbor, but it didn't work out this week.
the aroma of the crust baking filled my house so sweetly, i thought i'd die if i couldn't eat it soon...but i was patient!
then, when my timer went off, this (first pic) was what was coming out of oven. i laughed thoroughly thinking i had a cheesecake fail. eventually, it "settled". i used a knife to test doneness and it spread to make a really cool star shape (the second pic), so i also took a pic of that!
it is a delicious cheesecake for my first and was easy. i think i would add more something next time though, as it didn't have a strong cheesecake taste. everyone who has partaken has enjoyed it thus far though!
on a completely different level, i gotta get the rest of this cake out of this house before i gain 100lbs!!!

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