Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tonight's dinner

tonight we are having a guest for dinner and so i went with an african theme. it must be the week, b/c last night we had guests and served chinese...
tonights guest happens to be the missionary who joe and i interviewed with for africa inland mission, and the more i thought about it [after it was too late to change my mind], i realized, this man has LIVED in africa...probably a good rule of thumb is to NOT attmept a food that he has had the real deal of!!! well, thankfully, it's one of my favorites -coconut chicken curry on rice. we have it often and i like to think i do a pretty good job with it! it is a recipe from my wycliffe cook book. i also made chapati's for the first time EVER [see the chapatis post] and they will accompany the meal. chapati's are like tortillas to mexicans -they are served with almost every meal. i tasted one of these bad boys and i don't think i did too shabby! (though next time i think i would do it without the garlic).
well, here's to hoping it's the best african food our guest has had in a long time (since he probably hasn't had too much of it recently)!!!

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