Wednesday, February 16, 2011

school days - Ee

this week we studied the letter Ee and the theme emotions.
the beginning of the week started with valentines day, so we started out with emotions. we focused a lot on love, obviously, but also talked about the other ways we could feel.
the boys had lots of fun talking through what they would feel in certain situations.

we started mon with cupid's donuts
(no, i did NOT make these! thank you dunkin donuts for the cute breakfast donut to help us celebrate our day of love):

we also had heart shaped hotdogs for lunch
one day and heart pbj sandwiches another:

the boys had lots of fun making our puppet, emily emotion, show different emotions:

we didn't get too creative here, she came happy:


and sad:

we practiced acting out emotions as well, though those faces were harder to get a good photo of!
we read a cute little poem about adding valentines,
so we read it with finger puppets.
i HAD to let the boys try them out too!!

our verse was prov 20:11
"even a child is known by his actions"

we made a fish out of hearts:

and watched "a silly little thing called love",
which happens to be the gift the boys got for v-day last year.

oh, and how could i forget the jello jiggler hearts we had for snacks?!?

for e we read and watched esther.
we talked about as many words as we could think of that started with e,
and the one that came up most often was excited!!!

we prayed for egypt &
sang songs like
"i've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart"
"i'm so happy"
and "if you're happy & you know it..."

we didn't practice writing our letters,
b/c the boys were just not that into it this week.
they all too enjoyed the other stuff we did and i want school to stay fun so i didn't push it.
maybe this weekend we'll get a chance before moving on to next weeks lesson.

in case you missed our valentine post,
we also expanded our family by 1 puppy this week
(could be part of the distractions for the boys from the "Ee").
it was another fun week!!

i had the boys switch jobs this week.
it's super fun to see aiden blossoming and learning to verbalize more.
he came up to do calander and started singing the "days of the week" song on his own...
he also is learning to count and starting to sing his abc's.
super fun!
o continues to LOVE learning!
i hope it never gets old for him and i pray that joe and i would know just how to grow that for him even now before school starts!

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