Wednesday, February 9, 2011

school days - Dd

we had to make a new purchase for school days this week.
it came in form of these colored bath mats (for cheap @ ikea)
in order to maintain some control during our "circle time".
the boys worked hard this week to stay on their mats with hands in their laps!!

this week we studied "d" and our theme was dinosaurs.
we had such fun!

our verse was a familiar one, but it was really fun to work with aiden on it!
by the end of the week, he even started saying words ahead of mine!!!
(please see their verse video post for their mid-wk memorization of it)

here are owens practice letters:

we also assigned jobs.
this week owen was the calander man,
and aiden the weather man.
they both LOVE being involved in adding pieces to our board!

some of our "d" books:

discovering new dinosaurs-
here is owens he called it a marlin rex:

here is aidens...we didn't yet establish a name:

we watched this disney classic:

it's a good thing mommy didn't have to go to the doctor this week,
b/c we also consumed many desserts!
we had dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunches,
and thought of many other words that begin with "d"!

we love duh-duh-d!!!

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