Friday, February 4, 2011

school days - Cc

this week has been filled with finding c words and talking about the color of everything!!!
our verse for the week is one o is very familiar with,
so it was no problem to get him to learn it this week!
learning it and practicing it, of course are 2 totally different things!

we read many c stories and even a few "color" books.
below are a few...

we practiced our colors with flash cards

and by sorting colored blocks.

we colored by number

and practiced writing our c's

we even colored our own books about the colors of fruit!

we drove our "cars"
(of course this happens ALL THE TIME, not just during c week)

and even carpooled!

we enjoyed a couple movies like charlottes web and cars, too!

the boys have really enjoyed doing the calander & talking about the weather as well.
in fact, i think aidens favorite part of school is the month song
-done to the dance of the macarena!

we started our art wall over again, and it's filling up quickly
as there are 2x the amount of boys making art!
loads of fun.

on the other hand, i am learning how much i probably should NEVER homeschool!!!
or atleast start with a 2 year old!
it has been quite the challenge to get him to sit or do anything "right",
and i find the ocd side of me quickly getting frustrated with it.
i keep pressing on,
and am learning to take what i can get from the littler guy,
then let him go when he's done.
i do wonder though,
for any homeschooling moms out there...
did you just do school separate with your children?
i mean, i understand the calander, etc can be done combined,
but the "lesson" and "practice" parts?

anyways, keep praying for me to show love and patience.
and to GROW LOADS if homeschooling
happens to be something we need/decide to do!!

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