Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my first chapati's

i am super thankful for my friend, milly, who taught me how to make chapati's. not just told me, but taught me! we sat in her kitchen back in sept of last year and she showed me step by step. i am a very visual learner, so that was extremely helpful to me!! she also sent me home with a bunch of frozen ones. well, we finally ran out of the supply, so today i decided to take a stab at them. i am pretty impressed with them! there are a few "africa" shaped ones (those which did not turn out like a circle and quite ironically look like the shape of africa), but overall they look and taste pretty good! the true test will be at dinner tonight! the photos show the process and i'd love to help you learn as well if you're interested, so don't hesitate to ask!!!

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