Tuesday, February 8, 2011

dress ups

i have been "eye-ing" dress ups lately,
wanting to let the boys go wild with their imaginations...
(not to mention have something for girls to play in our house)
but most are so costly!!
yesterday, the dollar tree store had some great stuff!!!
we came home with 2 knight costumes
(we're calling them "the lords army")
and a complete pirate set,
including hook, earring, telescope, eye patch, etc.
all for five bucks!
then i busted out our old halloween costumes
(that i was trying to save "for next year")
and decided to get the full play and full monies worth out of.
so, the marlin dress up box has started!!
most of the girly stuff @ $ store was pretty chinsy,
but i just may need to return for some of the heels!!
(sophie will appreciate that some day!)

oh, and how could i forget...
we also grabbed a pack of those mardi gras necklaces,
the colorful beads,
an 8 pack for a buck!
the boys love them too!!

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