Saturday, February 5, 2011

dark chocolate cake

once again i find myself at the mercy of, this time for a delicious cake. we are having some friends over for superbowl, and joe made the silly mistake of calling it a "party" to owen. therefore, my week has been overtaken by a little boy planning it out and counting down the days! he is concerned about what we'll eat and who is coming and insists there be cake, since i said there would be no balloons. doesn't every party have cake and balloons?!? well, i attempted this recipe for dark chocolate cake and it is delish!!! i don't know that i can ever do box cake again!!!

at first we just ate a small carving off the top (which would become the bottom and be un-noticed on game day)...then we had some for, the goal is to save ANY for tomorrow!!! we had it plain and it was perf, but i bought some buttercream frosting while shopping and iced the rest. buttercream frosting is always a welcomed addition!!

so superbowl friends, here's to hoping you get some!

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