Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wordless wednesdays 2/23/11

girls clothes are seriously &
ridiculously adorable!!!
(esp @ target)

here are sophia's first
bathing suit and sun hat!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tonight's dinner

tonight we are having a guest for dinner and so i went with an african theme. it must be the week, b/c last night we had guests and served chinese...
tonights guest happens to be the missionary who joe and i interviewed with for africa inland mission, and the more i thought about it [after it was too late to change my mind], i realized, this man has LIVED in africa...probably a good rule of thumb is to NOT attmept a food that he has had the real deal of!!! well, thankfully, it's one of my favorites -coconut chicken curry on rice. we have it often and i like to think i do a pretty good job with it! it is a recipe from my wycliffe cook book. i also made chapati's for the first time EVER [see the chapatis post] and they will accompany the meal. chapati's are like tortillas to mexicans -they are served with almost every meal. i tasted one of these bad boys and i don't think i did too shabby! (though next time i think i would do it without the garlic).
well, here's to hoping it's the best african food our guest has had in a long time (since he probably hasn't had too much of it recently)!!!

school days - Ff

what a strange week.
i think when we start the week off with the theme,
the boys just can't get into the letter...

this week we did "Ff" and family.
we had loads of fun talking about our family
and the people we love!

we prayed for france.

our bible verse was john 3:16
"for god so loved the world, that he gave his only son,
that whoever believes in him will not die,
but have everlasting life!"

owens family:

aidens family:

mommys family:

granola bars

another great allrecipes day!
this time, chewy granola bars!
i added a little more butter and honey than it said,
and prob should have added even more,
but that's b/c of all the "dry" ingred we added as well...
coconut, almonds, craisens, raisens,
and a handful of peanut butter m&m's!!!
they'd prob be healthy if not for those m&m's,
but they sure are good!
i also would have packed it into one pan for a thicker bar.
that's just me though!
here are some shots:

all mixed and spread into pan

baked and cooling
(the longer they cool, the better they stick tog)

cut and ready to wrap

all wrapped and ready for storage!

like i said, it's another YUM! can't eat enough!!!

my first chapati's

i am super thankful for my friend, milly, who taught me how to make chapati's. not just told me, but taught me! we sat in her kitchen back in sept of last year and she showed me step by step. i am a very visual learner, so that was extremely helpful to me!! she also sent me home with a bunch of frozen ones. well, we finally ran out of the supply, so today i decided to take a stab at them. i am pretty impressed with them! there are a few "africa" shaped ones (those which did not turn out like a circle and quite ironically look like the shape of africa), but overall they look and taste pretty good! the true test will be at dinner tonight! the photos show the process and i'd love to help you learn as well if you're interested, so don't hesitate to ask!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

school days - Ee

this week we studied the letter Ee and the theme emotions.
the beginning of the week started with valentines day, so we started out with emotions. we focused a lot on love, obviously, but also talked about the other ways we could feel.
the boys had lots of fun talking through what they would feel in certain situations.

we started mon with cupid's donuts
(no, i did NOT make these! thank you dunkin donuts for the cute breakfast donut to help us celebrate our day of love):

we also had heart shaped hotdogs for lunch
one day and heart pbj sandwiches another:

the boys had lots of fun making our puppet, emily emotion, show different emotions:

we didn't get too creative here, she came happy:


and sad:

we practiced acting out emotions as well, though those faces were harder to get a good photo of!
we read a cute little poem about adding valentines,
so we read it with finger puppets.
i HAD to let the boys try them out too!!

our verse was prov 20:11
"even a child is known by his actions"

we made a fish out of hearts:

and watched "a silly little thing called love",
which happens to be the gift the boys got for v-day last year.

oh, and how could i forget the jello jiggler hearts we had for snacks?!?

for e we read and watched esther.
we talked about as many words as we could think of that started with e,
and the one that came up most often was excited!!!

we prayed for egypt &
sang songs like
"i've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart"
"i'm so happy"
and "if you're happy & you know it..."

we didn't practice writing our letters,
b/c the boys were just not that into it this week.
they all too enjoyed the other stuff we did and i want school to stay fun so i didn't push it.
maybe this weekend we'll get a chance before moving on to next weeks lesson.

in case you missed our valentine post,
we also expanded our family by 1 puppy this week
(could be part of the distractions for the boys from the "Ee").
it was another fun week!!

i had the boys switch jobs this week.
it's super fun to see aiden blossoming and learning to verbalize more.
he came up to do calander and started singing the "days of the week" song on his own...
he also is learning to count and starting to sing his abc's.
super fun!
o continues to LOVE learning!
i hope it never gets old for him and i pray that joe and i would know just how to grow that for him even now before school starts!

wordless wednesdays 2/16/11

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

our special valentines

where does one begin to talk about a special day? i woke up yesterday morning, valentines day, and found it odd that joe quickly got out of bed and showered. if you know joe at all, this DOES NOT happen. usually i have to threaten him with releasing the kids on him to get him to think about budging out of bed and/or release the kids on him!!! in fact, when we were dating i had to call him to get him out of bed for school everyday. not yesterday though!

when he finished he came down and said some valentine-sy things like "will you be my valentine?". i giggled at how silly he was being but of course said yes to which he responded, "that's good! you now have 15 min to get ready to go out with me then!" he had gotten a babysitter for the boys and surprised me with a breakfast date! we had lots of fun reminiscing at nifty fifty's, the place we first met. we enjoyed conversation without the distractions of our little guys who were quite happy eating their cupid donuts and playing at home with the sitter. it was fantastic!!!

on the way home, i got this idea to get the boys a new fish. theirs had passed about a month ago, and i thought it would be a super surprise. we stop at petsmart and there were no fish that we wanted, but then hubs hears something he does want...barking! a dog -he is always asking for a dog! even worse, he is always getting o to ask for one too! i love dogs...i really do...but we have just not had much love with them. (thought love was a better word than luck) anyway, we stop by the spca then to find out about getting the cat fixed, afterall, we should take care of the pet we do have, right?! of course, they have the adoption hours flashing everywhere...

i spent the latter part of the morn making hot dogs into heart shapes for lunch and being adorned with gifts [toys] from the boys -after all, what would a girl do without a nights armor arm on her valentines day?!? as quickly as i received the gifts, i was asked for them! what little sweethearts i have and am so happy to celebrate a day of love with!

the afternoon didn't go quite as planned! we put the boys down for nap, but there was to be no napping this day!! they were outrageously goofy. maybe the excitement of valentines day, maybe the donut from breakfast didn't wear off...who knows, but they were not sleeping anytime soon!! after a while, i said "we will be more miserable leaving them up there than letting them come down, and so we let them come out to play. not long after, the sleepy's set in. both boys still really NEED naps!! both boys were completely miserable!! whining...downright tantrums...we were loosing them and fast! we knew it was too late for a nap and that getting them back into the room would not go over well anyway. finally i break down and say, "fine! lets go look at the dogs!!"

not a big deal -we've done this before and they've enjoyed it and we've come home without one! it's easy at the spca! they all have pit or are all huge or something!! NOT TODAY!!! of course we find the cutest puppy. she's not too big (which was my biggest complaint), she doesn't shed, she has no pit in her & she is so young that she is moldable to like cats & kids etc.

am i out of my mind?!? have i lost it completely?!? next thing i know, we're in the room playing with this puppy. said non-napping toddlers are throwing balls for her and dad is super excited to play with this "perfect puppy". it seems like a whirlwind. after a while, they take the dog back to be fixed (it was her day) and we stay in the room to talk.
kids are falling apart!
"they took our dog!" "we didn't get to go for a walk with her!"
the next 20+ min ensue something like this: hubs is arguing pros while wife is arguing cons.
"there's a special, she's only $30"...."we're having a baby, who needs a dog?"..."i'll walk her every morn and night"..."we're moving to africa, will she come with us?"...
maybe i was weak b/c my sugar was low...maybe i'm just a soft-hearted fool with a weak area for my begging family and stray animals...but next thing i know we're on our way to walmart to buy much needed accessories for the puppy we just bought! collar, leash, food, bones, toys, ugh! well, i'm completely convinced, I.MUST.BE.CRAZY!!!

don't tell hubs, but i'm secretly excited! -until the first accident on my floor i'm sure, but we are excited to bring lucy (already affectionately dubbed lulu) home today after she finishes healing from surg!

as if the day wasn't already a pretty good one, i woke up this morning to find a text i received [after i went to bed last night], that we also are getting a babysitter sat night!!! for not having gone out for mos, i am so excited to get 2 dates with hubs in the same week!!!!

stay tuned for pix and [i'm sure loads of FUN] stories about lulu...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wordless wednesdays 2/9/11

wow! it's been quite a while since i did a wordless wednesday!! i decided to steal the show this week with a shot of myself, but it comes with a few words...

this is a shot that o actually took. he loves taking pix, and often carries an old camera around pretending to take photos of things! he was very proud to take this shot of his mommy and
his sophia!

we all heart sophia!!!

school days - Dd

we had to make a new purchase for school days this week.
it came in form of these colored bath mats (for cheap @ ikea)
in order to maintain some control during our "circle time".
the boys worked hard this week to stay on their mats with hands in their laps!!

this week we studied "d" and our theme was dinosaurs.
we had such fun!

our verse was a familiar one, but it was really fun to work with aiden on it!
by the end of the week, he even started saying words ahead of mine!!!
(please see their verse video post for their mid-wk memorization of it)

here are owens practice letters:

we also assigned jobs.
this week owen was the calander man,
and aiden the weather man.
they both LOVE being involved in adding pieces to our board!

some of our "d" books:

discovering new dinosaurs-
here is owens he called it a marlin rex:

here is aidens...we didn't yet establish a name:

we watched this disney classic:

it's a good thing mommy didn't have to go to the doctor this week,
b/c we also consumed many desserts!
we had dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunches,
and thought of many other words that begin with "d"!

we love duh-duh-d!!!