Thursday, January 27, 2011

tortilla bowls

i forget the site i bought them from, but i got these tortilla bowl pans recently for really cheap! you simply put a soft tortilla in and bake for about 10 min and you have a perfectly formed bowl for which to eat your taco salad from!! we have used them a few times already and i am in love!!! it gives a little variety to some dinners and is also suggested to use as serving bowls for dips (like guacamole).
i did not get mine from amazon, but there are plenty to choose from is a link!
p.s. if i remember where i got mine from i'll add it later b/c they were SUPER cheap!!!

**i found the place i got's called lakeside collection. it doesn't seem like they currently have any tortilla bowls, but it was $6.95 for my set of 2 large pans. lots of neat stuff!**

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