Monday, January 24, 2011

some recent owenisms

owen freaked out! "mommy, that woman knows my name!" (i didn't hear her talk, but i was sure this stranger didn't know him!) convinced she was talking to someone named owen or something, i said, "what do you mean buddy?" he responded with, "she said o!".
it took me a moment, but than i had to give a little chuckle and explain that "oh!" was a different word than "o", which is what we often call him!!

the last 2 wks joe has been down at school, he did come home for a short weekend in between though. o took this harder than we expected! we didn't grocery shop for the short 2 days, so we worked with what we had, and decided to get some dunkin donuts for breakfast the last morning. joe was packing and preparing stuff to go, so i grabbed the boys and headed to get our breakfast. while driving there, o said, "i want to not go back for daddy. if we leave him at home, then he won't go to school, and i can be with him because i love him!!" in his mind, he had his master plan all figured out!! i reminded him that if we didn't go home we still wouldn't be with him...
after a short moment, he went to plan b: "i think daddy doesn't want to go to school....." broke my heart!

there have been a lot of "jesus convo's" going on with o lately! us trying to explain to him, him asking questions, singing songs, reading stories, etc. on a trip home from reading last night, owen said, "mommy, jesus is in your heart, right? then how is he in heaven?" i explained that to say "jesus is in my heart" simply means that i believe he came here to pay for all my bad choices -payment was death on the cross. i also said it means to believe he rose again and that he is coming back to bring us to heaven to live someday. usually owen responds with "well, jesus isn't in my heart!" it's sad to hear, and we always address it by saying we hope he is someday, but i also keep in mind that he is 3! last night was different. after joe and i both took turns explaining it, owen triumphantly said to me, "mom, jesus is in my heart because i believe!!! dad, is he in your heart?"
i turned to joe and said, "i know we can't really count that as his confession of faith, but i liked hearing it!"

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