Monday, January 24, 2011

school days - Aa

so, it's that time again! time to attempt school with the boys! though i expect owen will get much more from it than aiden, i also have no doubt that it will be helpful for aiden as well! we are going a little slower than we did in our last attempt, as this time we will spend a whole week (however many days we can, with a minimum of 2 days) on each letter and also will include a theme in each week. we will be memorizing a verse for each letter as well. our first week was done out of home so we didn't have our "usual" stuff (ie: calander), but we still did it and had loads of fun. our letter was a and our theme was winter.
here are owens letter a's:
i helped him with the first few, but he did the bottom line all by himself! he did very well!

here is aiden's letter a worksheet. i was going to help him more, but by the time we got to this time he was mostly done. he enjoyed coloring while i helped o!

as part of the winter theme, they both colored a snowman. aidens is red[ish] and owens is green and yellow. o's favorite color right now is green, so mostly everything he does is green!

here, we talked about how we dress in winter. they both colored a pair of mittens (though o needs to work on his some more). aiden picked a yellow pair and of course, o picked green!

here is our "a" verse: proverbs 15:1

here is one of many books we read this week:

(*you have to get a little crafty with that a to find things to go with it, but this book is one a list of books kids should read for homeschooling, so i went with it)

we were staying at grami's & pop's house for the week, and they had an awesome at home kit of auntie anne's pretzels. owen and i had fun making the dough and then shaping it into a letter "a" and a snowman (for winter). the rest we did pretzel shape. the boys LOVED their special theme snack!!
p.s. so did mommy as soft pretzels are one of her favorites!!!

we also got to watch the movie annie!!
(another one of mommies favorite things!!)

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