Thursday, January 27, 2011

little freakers!

my pantry is looking pretty organized these days...
i like to organize and think i generally keep it pretty organized, but it's been to the extreme lately b/c we've had some very unwelcomed guests in our house! i like to call them little freakers! it's a term most of my family uses for their pets actually, but i don't want to keep these guys! it matters not how hard you try to get rid of them, mice are pesty!!! i have put almost everything, and i do mean EVERYTHING into tupperware! at this point even my "chip" like snacks are in tupperwares! i may not have tupperwares left to actually store food, but i should be able to starve these mice into another home soon enough!
you would think having a cat would help this scenario, but so far, she has been a freaker herself! she hears the mice, as she stops playing to look towards the kitchen, but quickly returns to playing! is the stuffed mouse really that fun?!? ugh!! city woes!

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