Tuesday, January 25, 2011

joe's jan update

Hello friend's,
this past month, I was really sick for two weeks, and than traveled to Georgia and South Carolina for theological studies for two weeks. My main prayer request from you all personally is for good time management, as I catch up on what has been undone at home with the family, in the ministry at liberti church east, and as I get working now on new responsibilities as a seminary student at Columbia International University.
School was an incredible blessing as I had the privilege to study for 8 hours a day and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with men and women from dozens of countries. From Korean church planters in Central Asia, to Brazilian missionaries in East Africa. Even in a short time I was there, it was easy to see that the teacher's don't just teach but really model a life of tender sacrificial service for the students and love for God's kingdom around the world. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to study there.
We are looking for churches, and individuals to partner with us in God's mission for us in Rwanda. I have over a dozen churches that I have made my first contact with before our vision trip last fall, and it is time to follow up.
Please pray for me to have both wisdom and grace to know the best way to approach these churches, and to see how they might want to partner with us. Also one great way you could help, is to introduce us to your pastor or mission's committee, please feel free to pass out our website, sendthemarlins.com to anyone who may have a heart for training up pastor's in Africa.
Since our update last year, we have received one new prayer and financial partner. We know have roughly %6 of our future monthly financial need. Any gifts that AIM receives now will not go to us now, but will be banked for us and go towards outgoing expenses which we will need to fly and resettle in Africa next year, Lord willing.
We also have over 40 committed prayer partners, our goal is to have 100 people praying daily or weekly for us. To find out more information about partnering with us in prayer and financially please go to sendthemarlins.com/join-our-team. We postponed our monthly prayer meeting, and will be hosting in our home from 8pm-10pm this friday night, you are more than welcome to join us for 20 minutes or the whole 2 hours at our home (or simply wherever you may be in the spirit), to drink some Rwandan Coffee, and pray hard for the work of God in Africa.
Please send us your prayer requests, me and Kristy would love to pray for whats going on in your life. It would be a huge blessing to us to hear from you all, and to know better how to lift you all up before God as we pray together.
Press on!

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