Monday, January 24, 2011

FREE lunch date with friends

sometimes life with toddlers is crazy! sometimes things go so well, you don't know what hit you! the other week ikea was having a "kids eat free -no purchase necessary" deal, so naturally we wanted to go!! we called up our good friends, the uttkes, and invited them along. the kids did fantastic!! they love to be together and who doesn't love mac & cheese or uncrustables ALL IN FRONT OF DORA?!? the only downfall of the the day, was post lunch when the atmosphere changed ->ALL of us had to go bathroom or needed to be changed, it was past naptime for my guys, the family restroom was broken, baby wanted to eat and us mommies were exhausted from loading and carting all these toddlers to get them lunch and sitting! even when things turn crazy, i'm glad to have such a good friend to go through it with!! (of course, i'm talking about their mommy)

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