Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas 2010

i have to admit i was weary of this christmas when the time came to put our presents under the tree. the whole "3 gifts to represent the 3 gifts the wise men brought jesus" tradition we're trying to implement seemed like a horrible plan when i compared our tree to other trees [and whole living rooms] that i had seen pictures of, ready for the next morning. i wondered if we would ruin this christmas. i wondered if o, who so enthusiastically opened his gifts at a family celebration the week before would tear through his 3 gifts and sit and look at me blankly as if to say, "that's it?" or "did you forget something?"...
he did open his gifts with as much enthusiasm as the last week, and instead of being devastated, was surprisingly thankful for the gifts he had been given! i am thankful for his thankful heart!! i am thankful that he was happy with his gifts and played full of contentment until we urged him to come eat our tradition of daddy's hot breakfast!
this year was a hard year for us, atleast for me, mentally. not many people like to talk about it, so i'm not sure if many even realized, but this was one of our last [intended] christmas celebrations in the states, with next year being the last. this for me is one of the hardest things to think about when preparing to move across the country! i love my family LOADS and have many fond memories of holiday gatherings growing up. i'm sure this will be one of the hardest times of the years we spend overseas!!
for now i am going to try to soak in the times we do have and enjoy them! make many more memories!!!

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  1. Hi honey, I thought you did a great job with the boys and school. You took the time to incorporate a lot of stuff from cooking, reading, and memorizing bible versus! That kept the boys interest. It was awesome for me to see the process in working. Im glad you spent the time Joe was away with us, I enjoyed all your company. You will have many memories to take to Africa with you, but will make many more new ones! x0 Mom