Monday, December 26, 2011

trying to hold back some tears as i pack up christmas stuff.
not that i feel you need stuff to have christmas,
but that each of my "things" has sentimental value!
oh, and then there's the whole
christmas FAR AWAY from family/friends next year thing, too.

here's what i came up with...
a strand of lights,
the kids stockings
& a box of chosen ornaments:

there are ornaments that i received each year growing up,
a couple from my teaching years,
mexican ornaments,
ones we were given as wedding gifts,
and then the collection we've started for each of the kiddos:

oh the memories!
here you see the classic red bows made it into the box
& there are a few little toys the kids were given this year
that i will turn into ornaments as well:

*come back next year to see our first RWANDAN CHRISTMAS!!!*

Sunday, December 25, 2011

my dad and i book

for christmas o made his daddy a book:

it talked about playing on his day off / his favorite being batman games

reading (especially about batman) /and his fav thing ever is taking the train

a HANDY decoration

okay, footy too!

Friday, December 23, 2011

the new camera

you may remember my post back in nov, a sad day, where i talked about how my camera broke...
i just realized i never mentioned my early christmas present!!!
this was a gift from my mother in law, sister in law & hubs.
it is amazing & i'm taking LOADS of new pictures. more details on that in another post.

a little gift within a HUGE gift

i want to say the amount of "coffee dates" equals the amount of stars in the sky!

somedays it's over chaotic playdates,
somedays it's in a quiet barnes
& somedays it's even over a phone convo while the kids are quiet.

whether grabbing a coffee, shopping, praying,
attempting to organize life, letting the kiddos play, etc.
god really has given me a gift in this friend -
at a time i REALLY NEEDED a friend!!!

this post isn't going to be filled with stories or reminiscing about the past,
but it is a short note to
let it be known how thankful i am!!

these little coffee mug ornaments
are a [thoughtful] gift from her.
at first i hung them in my kitchen and thought,
"i'm not sure this is their forever home"...
but as i type this i chuckle
as nowhere will be a forever home now!

these are great ANYTIME of year,
and will def remind me of many fond memories.
also, they're small enough to fit in an action packer,
so i'm sure i'll have them hanging in my little house in africa, too!

*fun fact: i ONLY drink coffee b/c of said friend!!*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

our 2011 holiday baking

though i admit baking with little ones is quite a challenge for me
(i want everything perfect...things usually are far from it),
we worked on some cookies today for our cookie exchange coming up.

the boys were sooo excited & proud of their stained glass cookies:

then we couldn't stop...

fudge &
ice cream cakes,
oh my!!!

the boys loved helping, but especially "cleaning up"!
at one point i asked o to wait in the other room while i did some dishes before starting a new something and he asked,
"why do you have to clean them when we already licked them clean?!?"

this might be my favorite shot of the whole day, but it was before we started so i still had high hopes of what baking with them would look like!

tomorrow, i think we'll make some more!!!
now, who's gonna help me eat all these?!?

Monday, December 19, 2011

a nativity

when i thought about what i was going to "need" from oaxaca
to move to rwanda,
one thing that came to mind was a nativity set.
i remember buying those as gifts when i visited before!
they are made out of metal
and come beautifully painted.
they even are stored in a little box.

funny story-
my tia and unc were visiting from oaxaca this week...
they gave me my christmas present:

stockings for friends!

so the cat is out of the bag,
so to speak!
i finally gave the gift to friends that i had been working on for quite some time now...
how is it that even simple[r] crafts
take sooo much time?!?

stockings for a family!

the inside lining & the bottom:

the snow papa:

the snow mama:

the snow boys (2):

the snow girl:

the whole kitten caboodle:

*wow! i used the word caboodle, and it sent me right on a blast from the past...remember those?

Sunday, December 18, 2011


seven years we've been married now!

we got ourselves dressed up &
we started our celebration with sparkling berry juice out of our wedding stems:

i figure by next year they'll be in a box in someone's attic or something,
so we should take advantage of them this year!

next we went to a play [without kids] down at walnut st theatre:

i also got the stuff to make joe's favorite dinner.

what a special time it was-
celebrating what god has taught us,
sharing fond memories from through the years
& sitting in awe of how our love has grown!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

interior lights

this week the boys discovered we have interior lights in the van.

[let me start by saying how
SUPER THANKFUL i am that they cannot turn these on and off, or i'm sure we'd have a dead battery!!!]

they ask for them to be turned on day and night. we try to explain we're not really supposed to drive with them on.

last night aiden gasped and then wispered,
"i need the light on...i see an angel!"

i chuckled, but said no.
not long after, owen very seriously insisited he needed the lights on...
i asked why...
he announced,
"because my shoe is untied!"

wait for it...

these are his shoes!!!

prettier than sophie

last week we went to a christmas party at church. before we left, o took a gasping look at me and said,
"you look so pretty mom...tonight, you look prettier than sophie!"
considering EVERYTHING owen says to or about soph comes with a "pretty" up front, i am taking this as a high compliment! we had fun dressing up snazzy and attending the play of a great cs lewis work, 'the great divorce'!

wordless wednesdays - 12/14/11

watch what you say...

learning a new language brings many difficulties! just wanted to show an example of how tricky this one can be...the same word means 2 totally different things!!!

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