Monday, December 6, 2010

what life might look like in kigali

cakes are rare and expensive...
this one happens to be called miserable,
and they're still asking 10,000 rwf,
which is approx $20 usd!
(for the record, it doesn't look that miserable)

power is unreliable,
so my dream of packing my crockpot
just doesn't make sense anymore!
they said it usually is quick on & off,
but we had a whole prayer mtg by candle light.

local coffee shop
(with delicious lunch-like menu).
we happened to go twice,
and i enjoyed samosa one day
and veg chapati wrap the second.

also thouroughly enjoyed
my caramel drizzle kawacchino
(which i equated to a caramel frap)!

seeing beautiful babies!

the best grocery store,
called frulep,
(size of our small wawa)

kids still licking the batter to homemade goodies!

market shopping to get all the good
fruits and veggies!!
also with a "bag boy"
(a boy who chases you down while you drive up,
all to get the chance to be "hired" to carry your bags)

a catholic retreat center where many go to "escape" city life

ant covered snacks...extra protein!!

Kigali International Community School
(where we'd love for the boys to attend)
flags shown are the nations represented @ school.

2 types of pretty typical house

"the lounge" as our hosts called it...
or the living room

the "garden" or as we call it, the yard

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