Thursday, December 30, 2010

sNoW dAy!!!

reflecting on this snow day, makes me think about how much we "spoil" things as adults! maybe you don't, but i definitely do. i enjoy the snow for a simple reason - it makes things look new! it "covers a multitude of sins" so to speak, that is when you live in the city and the dirt and trash disappears for a bit with the snow coverings. it's refreshing and sometimes just what i need! granted, i also don't HAVE to drive in it anymore, so that makes it a lot easier to be okay with it! this snow, i found myself thinking about all the negatives of snow! :(
it probably started off sour when i HAD to go grocery shopping the morning of the storm. much unlike all the panics in the store, i was out of food! i wasn't there for milk & bread, or salt and kids needed to eat! it was busy and ppl were their normal "cut in front of you and stop completely so you had to wait" selves, but i got thru considerably quick...
until the time to check out. you know, there's always that one lane you just don't want to be in! i usually avoid a specific lady. she is kind, but she is old, and i've never seen anyone take their job so seriously! i mean, she takes everything she learned during training and applies it! this should be a good thing, but i always feel like i'm in a hurry at the grocery store. maybe by that point i'm thinking "i think i can, i think i can, i think i can", and than she derails me with her calm slow mannerism. good for her for not letting nuts like me stress her out! anyway, this day lines wrapped from the bakery to the registers so i just jumped in one that looked like it would move the fastest. i'm sure we're all familiar with this move and i'm also sure i sat in line for an hour! i know i made joe late for church! ugh!
sour grocery shopping may have started the not like of this snow [or the sour shopper who did the shopping], but i let the attitude continue! it was cold and we all have colds...i had the stomach bug...salt is everywhere in my house...neighbors were not home or elderly so joe shoveled FOREVER (leaving me inside & sick with the boys)...neighbors are doing the "unthinkable" and taking our shoveled parking should be mad that it snowed when they cant get a free day off was a few days late for that white christmas look...
sadly, i could probably keep going, but i will not! looking at my attitude and then looking at the at the children on my block, my kids included, amazes me!
do you think my kids hesitated to go out and play for a second b/c they have colds? the kids sledding in the field across the street seem to have a care in the world that it's a scheduled holiday from school and they already had off...the lady at the grocery store didn't stress when pshcho's like me came thru her line (in fact i saw her patiently ask the gentleman in front of me to keep his arm away from the belt so she could move it over and over again -seriously? by he 5th time, i'm sure i'd been frustrated with the guy & have let him know it!!)
we often can and should learn lessons from the innocence of or kids! their love and non care for things would be a huge blessing to have as adults, instead of our warped and distorted view of life. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying we should all walk around like 2 year olds all the time (we through big enough fits without mimicking everything a child does), but instead take lessons on the good traits! really love others! have no fear to make friends! have no fear to ask questions! ENJOY things!
anyway, those are some of my thoughts on this past "first snow" day of the season!

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