Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ornaments - 2010

every year we buy the boys an ornament, it is a tradition! my parents did it for me and now i have a collection of fond memories i hang on the tree each year, and so we do it or them so that they too will have a collection of their own fond memories someday.
i like to find ones that are just "totally them", or ones that played a huge part in their lives from that specific year. (ie: last year we found o a guitar one and we found aiden a moose. o was (still is) obsessed with guitars and 'moose' was aiden's nickname for a couple years so they fit perfectly.
this year i have been searching and searching...
today, we were in the store all together and o found a "woody" character. to say the least, that fit in with his life this year!! (he has been obsessed with toy story -playing the opening scene out in our living room floor not even excluding the drop of the barrel of monkeys). i thought it was super cute and so we got him "woody" and let aiden pick from the other characters. he chose the phone, which we have the toy of and he was even playing with this am!
these figures were in the section with all the other stocking stuffers, and for some reason, i assumed they were ornaments!
boy were the boys disappointed when we got home and they couldn't hang them on the tree!!!
luckily, while they took naps, i searched our toolbox for our picture hanging kit. don't we all have those? it had the perfect little eyelits (i think that's their technical term) and i screwed them right into the plastic of the toy figures.
viola! we have ourselves toy story 3 ornaments!!
i can't wait to have the boys hang them!!

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